Who are we?

Tradition is deeply rooted in Thai Silk and Thai Massage. The generational wisdom is activated by the technique and intentions of both practices. Thai Silk is the name given to any silk that is manufactured in Thailand by native Thai silkworms. The threads of a silkworm cocoon are spun into a long yarn, dyed, and then woven using a traditional hand-operated loom. The delicate and authentic production makes the Thai Silk one of a kind. Hand in hand are the unparalleled pulling, stretching and rocking movements used in Thai massage.  Each Sen line is thoughtfully addressed, moving substances and sensations, allowing for optimal energy flow in the body. The intentional movements make the traditional Thai Massage unique and different from Western treatments. Thai Massage is on the prestigious Unesco list and recognized as something to be “preserved for future generations”.


Silk Thai Therapy was founded on a shared passion and knowledge of traditional Thai practices for healing the body, mind, and spirit. The holistic system of Thai Massage was curated by the owners in their childhood traditions. They share fond memories of massaging their elders when they returned home after a long day's work. The traditional movements of Thai massage were a part of their lives from kneeling in Temple to walking and stretching their elders' backs to restore energy to the body for the next long day. Their vast experience, combined with pure dedication promises a restorative, peaceful, and mindful healing journey.