Massage Therapy Treatments


Traditional Thai Massage

An Ancient Science

The massage, which traditionally uses no oils or lotions, relies on a combination of acupressure and stretching techniques that employs the use of the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet on the body’s muscles, pressure points and energy lines (“Sen”) to clear energy blockages and balance the body’s energy. It relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

$90 / 60 min

$135 / 90 min

$170 / 120 min

Silk Thai Aroma Massage

Additional Relaxation through Scent

A luxurious blend of long relaxing strokes and essentials oils, which have various specialized effects on the body and mind, through skin and inhalation. This therapeutic treatment is designed to create a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind.

$90 / 60 min

$135 / 90 min

$170 / 120 min


Thai Jade Stone

Energy Focus

Jade is the only massage stone that can hold both heat and cold equally well. One stroke with a heated Jade stone is equivalent to seven strokes by hand. The combination therapy acts much like a vascular flush, comparable to hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. It increases circulation, flushes the internal organs and circulatory system helping elimination of toxins from the body. Your treatment begins with a warm foot bath for hygiene reasons and for improving your blood circulation

$155 / 90 min

$190 / 120 min


Herbal Compress

Botanicals and Herbs Maximize Healing

A unique Thai therapy to alleviate pain and soothe sore muscles. Beginning with a Deep Tissue Massage, “Luk Prakob”, an organic warm pouch of steamed Thai herbs, is then applied to the body in a kneading action. This allows the medicinal heat to soothe muscle aches, increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation and condition the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

$155 / 90 min

$190 / 120 min


Thai Tok Sen

Sacred Sound and Energy Lines

Tok-Sen is a therapeutic technique of Thai Lana massage (Northern style) and uses special wooden hammers that are lightly tapped along the energy lines and special points of the body to release blocked energy channels that are associated with tiredness, soreness, and numbness. These conditions may be caused by diseases, such as rheumatism, or inactivity, such as sitting in one position for extended periods of time.

$95/ 60 min

$145 / 90 min

Foot Ritual 1.png

Couples Massage

Great for Friends and Loved Ones

When you come with someone, you all can massage together with two therapists.

$175/ 60 min

$265 / 90 min


Express Treatments

Neck & Shoulder, Leg & Foot, or Back

Massage on Scalp or Head Neck & Shoulder or Back or Legs or Foot in 30 minutes.

$49 / 30 min


Foot Ritual

Foot Focus and Reflexology

An ancient massage technique using acupressure on reflex points located on the feet, which correspond to specific glands, organs and all major body parts. It promotes circulation, relieves stress, eases tension and speeds the elimination of toxins by restoring the body natural balance through reflex points on the feet.

$70/ 60min


Pregnancy Massage

Good for You. Good for Baby.

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). Pregnancy Massage must be avoided during your first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

$95/ 60 min

$145 / 90 min